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Learn How to Play Fantasy Cricket on FanFight | Fantasy Sports

Learn How to Play Fantasy Cricket on FanFight | Fantasy Sports

Fantasy Cricket on FanFight: FanFight is one of India’s finest fantasy sports portals, which, in no time has managed to garner over 4 million fantasy users. Here, your knowledge about the sport helps you win big every day.

On FanFight, you can choose a sport(cricket, football or kabaddi), pick a fixture, create your fantasy teams, compete against the most avid fantasy players & win cash every day. Once the game begins, your chosen players help you win points based on their real-time performances. Ready to win? Join FanFight now. Fantasy Sports here is elevated to a whole new level.

Cricket is worshipped in India and the fantasy version of it has managed to make a massive impact. Everybody in the country is a cricket pundit and they have their opinion on every make a player should likely make. To summarize this, most of the fanatics in India are virtual coaches. One platform that has given an opportunity for the ardent fans is FanFight. Where you get to pick your best XI, compete against other fantasy players & win big cash every day. Online Fantasy Cricket now is played on a gargantuan scale & FanFight certainly has played a major part in its exponential rise.

Getting Started

Pick a Match

A huge list of fixtures is updated on FanFight’s dynamic game centre. You can pick cricket as a sport & then pick a fixture you want to join.

Select a contest

Join a contest to win real cash. Click on the fixture & select a contest from the many listed out.

Create your 11-man team

This is where your cricketing expertise chip in. Use the 100 allotted credits to choose your best XI.

Track your fantasy score

Check how your chosen players are performing and track your fantasy score. The scores are updated instantaneously.

Withdraw your winnings

Final score, rank & winnings will be updated after the game is completed. If your final score yields you cash, the winnings will reflect in your FanFight wallets. You can withdraw this amount.

Creating a Team

To pick your team on FanFight follow these steps

Step 1: Select a Fixture

Pick a fixture on FanFight from the list of upcoming fixtures, select a contest you want to join & click on “Create Team”.

Choose your 11-man team using the 100 allotted credits. Your knowledge about cricket will help you pick the right combinations.

Three protocols you need to adhere to are

a. You have to pick a minimum of 3 batsmen. The maximum limit is 5.
b. 3-4 bowlers have to be picked.
c. For the all-rounders, 1 is the minimum & 3, the maximum.

Step 2: Choosing your captain & vice-captain

From the 11 players you choose, a captain & a vice-captain also have to be picked. Why?

Captain will earn you 2X the points scored by that player & the vice-captain will earn you 1.5X points scored by your chosen player.

Managing a Team

The deadline for cricket is the match-start time. The timer goes 0 before the first delivery is being bowled. Your captain, vice-captain & player combinations can be changed before the deadline.

Make sure you stay updated with the latest news, changes & about the in-form players. These factors can help you win big on FanFight.

Managing your account

You can view your balance, withdraw money & deposit cash into your wallets. FanFight has offered plenty of payment portals for transactions & all of them are safe & secure.

Know More

Cash in your wallets is divided into 2 categories

Cash Balance

This cash is the sum of your deposits & the winnings. It can be used to participate in the various cash contests lined-up on our game centre.

Bonus Amount

You can use the Bonus Amount to join any public contest.

You can view your transactions & also use the various bonus & cashback offers. FanFight thrives on making fantasy sports more exciting & we’ve only started. Get started now!

With plenty of cricket fixtures lined-up, you now have an opportunity to pick daily fantasy cricket on FanFight & start winning. Want to play fantasy cricket? Join FanFight now.


FanFight is available on both Android & iOS. Download Fantasy Cricket App and watch your favourite cricketers win points for you.

iOS users can Download FanFight iOS App and start winning cash daily.


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