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How To Win Cash Daily on FanFight – Fantasy Sports

How To Win Cash Daily on FanFight – Fantasy Sports

Win Cash Daily: Fantasy sports around the world has seen an exponential rise and the major reason has to be the involvement of cash/money in it. Let’s imagine a world of fantasy sports without the term “Win Cash Daily”. How many players must have still gone ahead with it? Not the humongous number you see currently for certain. Fantasy sports has risen to the horizon and beyond it for this very reason. If a sports fanatic has the luxury to follow his favourite sport and win cash daily by simply creating his fantasy team in any of the fantasy cricket or football portals, it’ll by default become his primary preference. In India, the number of fantasy sports players has gone up to 20 million from a mere 2 million in the year 2016. FanFight has been one significant contributor to that number. How? Let’s explore.


FanFight is undoubtedly one of India’s best fantasy cricket and fantasy football platforms. Its 6-man fantasy has helped garner over a million fantasy sports players within no time. How to play fantasy sports on FanFight? Well, it’s extremely simple. For starters, you need to either install the application or sign up on the website. You get a Rs.30 joining bonus and you can readily add money to your FanFight wallet. Participation in various cash contests is extremely simple. You pick a fixture, select a cash contest you’d like to be a part of and Viola!, you’re ready to go. Did I make that seem exceedingly effortless? It is by all means pleasantly easy and that’s the USP of FanFight. Fantasy sports here is made ridiculously easy.


The entry fee for a cash contest and the number of participants in that particular pool will decide the winning prize. Again, the ranking of the user concludes the cash he/she has won. The highest ranked player will win the maximum cash and as the rank lowers, the prize money also decreases. For a cricket maniac or a footballing freak, FanFight is the appropriate fantasy doorway. How much can you actually win on FanFight?

So far the total winnings on FanFight have reached Rs. 8,29,21,360. The total downloads of this revolutionary application have reached 1.5 million and the current count of users has crossed a million. All these numbers in less than a year. The FanFight family is bound to get larger by the day and this is only the beginning.

As far as individual winnings are concerned, a certain Mr.Vivek won a whopping lakh rupees. Win cash daily the portal said and win is what Mr.Vivek did. All you need is a mobile device, an internet network, information about cricket or football & a sturdy gut. The recipe to win cash daily is right there.


FanFight is available on both Android & iOS & in a very short span of time has gone on to become a user-favourite. Download Fantasy Cricket App and watch your favourite cricketers win points for you. iOS users can Download FanFight iOS App and start winning cash daily.

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