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FanFight takes you into a world of fantasy sports where your knowledge about cricket or football can help you win real cash every day. Love fantasy cricket or football?
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Fantasy Cricket on FanFight

Fantasy Cricket has been an absolute revelation in our country. Over 20 million people are a part of this bandwagon and the number is certainly on the rise. One sport that has everybody glued to the television & gets the innate pundit out of them is Cricket. India is a cricket crazy nation & everybody here has an opinion about their favourite players & teams. The premise for daily fantasy cricket was set & it doesn't seem to stop.

Various cricket leagues are played across the world over an entire year & this is the period where fantasy cricket users are at their lethal best. Fantasy Cricket Leagues for Fantasy Cricket users. Well, that's one match made in heaven - the fantasy sports heaven. Leagues like the Indian Premier League, the Big Bash League, T20 leagues in South Africa, New Zealand form an amusing amalgamation for fantasy cricket users. They get to pick their best 11 from a fixture (which includes a combination of batsmen, bowlers, all-rounders & a wicket-keeper), compete with other fantasy sports fanatics & win cash. If fantasy sports were a movie - the plot would be fixed, but the users would watch it every day.


FanFight thrives on giving users the best possible fantasy cricket experience and version 2.0 has raised the bar higher. The new features on FanFight work like a dream as far as gluing people to the application is concerned. Features like cloning (where you can use 10 similar looking teams to use in various cash contests), PDF download (where the users can view other teams by simply downloading a PDF sheet) & the shift to a 11-man format from 6 have been brilliant game changers. What are you waiting for? Install the application & start winning. Winning starts here.


Fantasy Cricket or Fantasy Sports for that matter gives you an opportunity to win money & that's a major reason for users to stick around it for an eternity almost. The only prerequisite for this would be a little knowledge about the sport.

For Bragging rights. The cricket fanatics in India would have a perspective for any move associated with the team or in a live game. Fantasy Cricket also requires the same. It needs your ability to choose the best players & beat thousands of others who also are inclined towards the same purpose.

When you add your team to participate in a Fantasy Cricket League, you're constantly on the move. To be more precise, it's like owning a team & wanting the best result for it. The major plus here is that you win money if your fantasy cricket team does well. So Get Ready for Indian T20 Fantasy Cricket Leagues on FanFight Fantasy Cricket App.

Cricket is a religion in India. Metaphorically & that's a massive boost to the Fantasy Cricket community. As long as cricket survives Fantasy Cricket also will & that by the looks of it seems perpetual. Fantasy Cricket is undoubtedly here to stay.