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QUIZ - A real time multiplayer quiz competition played with real money.

How to play ?


Select the Quiz tab to view all the quiz categories. Click on a Category you would want to play a game in.

Step 2


Select a pool to play in. Entry in each pool will require an entry fee. Click on the Play button on the pool tile to start a quiz.

Step 2


We will search for opponent(s) that can play against you in realtime. Quiz will begin after we find you your opponents.

Step 3


You and your opponent(s) will be asked the same set of questions which need to be answered within a stipulated time. You can also change the language of the questions.

Step 4


After you answer all the questions in your quiz, the scores the match will be calculated and the winner(s) will be announced

Step 5


You can play again the quiz by clicking on the Play Again button, if you have sufficient balance in your wallet.

In case, you don’t have sufficient balance, you can add cash and come back on the pool to play the quiz again!

Step 5


After you win a quiz, your winnings will be credited to your FanFight wallet.

Step 5